Tantric Black Flame Pendant


HadaPixie Designs Has a Rosary with this pendant, but if you want the pendant alone, you can purchase from my etsy or through VenusAeon

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This Venus Aeon logo pendant represents the Tantric Black Flame. The two ‘V’ shapes represent Male and Female principles much like the Hindu Shiva and Shakti. The Black Flame is seen within the ‘V’ shapes and is the Creative Principle or dynamic ‘seed’. This represents the Promethean Flame as well as the Resurrected Gods (always the son of the God and Goddess) of ancient mythology. This can also be seen as creative spark of the Universe or Consciousness and has also been represented as a “Luciferian Principle” by some. In this context Venus is both the Queen of Heaven and the Morningstar. The Aeon is the new aeon beginning December 22nd, 2012 when the Mayan long count ended its cycle.


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